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How to Coach Generation Z

Many people scoff at the idea of defining generations, but there is usually a clear distinction between generations and their tendencies. People born in Generation Z are defined through their diversity and that they are the first generation to never know a time before the internet. They are also pragmatic, financially minded, and can struggle with mental health challenges.

While Generation Z is a powerful and intelligent and generation, coaching them brings on new and different challenges.

People who fit into this generation are fixated on measuring themselves against external factors, such as social media and their peers. Coaching them can help them tune into their own internal knowing.

Especially if there is an age gap between your client and you, it’s important to respect their experiences and show an interest in their specific needs. For a generation with so much input and so many distractions, it’s important to cultivate a space where your clients can gradually discover their true wants and needs. The best method for this is using tools and techniques that help them tune into their thoughts, feelings, and desires. This will help them clarify their values and priorities.

Being one of the most politically knowledgeable generations, Generation Z can quickly feel overwhelmed by issues with no simple resolution, such as climate change and human rights. Life coaching can help them work through these feelings and gain clarity on how they want their future to be.

Coaching the younger generation can be rewarding because they are defined by their diversity, mastery of the internet and social media, and political awareness. However, because of these things, they also can struggle with mental health challenges, financial constraints, and feeling a lack of agency. 

The best way to reach this generation is by listening to them, helping them tune in to their desires. If you are taking on younger clients, Coach Training Alliance has plenty of resources to help you tap into their needs.