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Coaching Clients through a Job Transition

If you have a passion for coaching people in the professional world, you may be interested in becoming a career coach. A career coach specifically helps people progress towards their long-term career goals.

Changing careers is one of the hardest things a person will ever do, so hiring a career coach to work through a job transition is natural. Many career coaches have a background in recruiting or HR and have a passion for helping people thrive in the professional world. 

If this seems like you, then the first step to coaching your clients through a job transition is to make sure you are equipped with the skills to be an effective coach. Taking a certified coach training program, such as Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program, will give you the tools and knowledge to effectively communicate with your clients. 

This program is a six-month course that allows you to work as a coach while learning, so when you graduate, you will already have a growing practice. Our Certified Coach Program utilizes the LearnMore™ system that incorporates The Four Pillars of Wisdom™ approach and The Circle of Learning™ methodology. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing and being actively involved.

Once you have completed the Certified Coach Program, you can then leverage your background and coaching knowledge to reach clients looking to change careers or transition from one job to another. People may job transition for various reasons, including a better workplace environment, looking to be more fulfilled in their career, or relocating from one job market to another. As a certified coach, you will be able to work closely with them and develop a relationship where you can help them develop plans to attain the goals they desire.