How to Coach Your Employees post-pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the world, and one of the biggest changes that this pandemic has brought is a shift in the workplace. Many employees went from five days at the office to working exclusively from home. They have learned how to manage their tasks without oversight and may now place a higher value on family time and personal priorities.

With many employees preparing to go back to the office, one must acknowledge that office life post-pandemic will not look the same as it did pre-pandemic.

One of the greatest things that has come from the pandemic is knowing that employees can independently regulate themselves. They now place a higher priority on autonomy and family time, and they are used to having more control over how and when their work gets done. These more independent employees may feel like they don’t even need a manager anymore, which means a manager’s job will look different.

As we move forward and rebuild our lives post-pandemic, managers may take on a coaching or mentoring position more than a managing position. With this in mind, leveraging some of the skills used by life coaches may be beneficial to reconnect with employees and foster a more progressive work environment. One way to do this is by investing in Human Capital Coaching.

Human Capital Coaching is one of our training programs that focuses on using coaching skills within the context of an organizational progression. Rather than coaching clients individually, this program focuses on supporting employees and aligning the talent of individuals with the goals and strategies of the organization. 

This three-month course will allow organizations to better understand and communicate with employees as they move back into the office. Even though your employees may look the same as they did when they left, they will not be the same people after a year of living through unprecedented times.