How to Coach Your Clients Through a Promotion?

A promotion can come with many changes. Not only will your client have new responsibilities, but they will also have to navigate new relationships with their coworkers. Many promotions end in disaster, So coaching your client Through their promotion is important.

How to coach your clients through a promotion

A promotion can be one of the biggest challenges your client will face while also being a source of motivation and inspiration. Either way, it can be a stressful time for your client. The first step to adjusting to a promotion is to assess the new environment.

This comes with a set of questions you can ask your client. You can ask them where they are, what has changed, what is important to them, and what is expected of them. You can also ask them what defines success or failure in the new position.

Breaking up with the past and accepting the reality will be paramount for your client to succeed in the new position, so talking through the changes that they may experience with their coworkers, their boss, and even inside themselves will help them prepare.

You can also help your client set short- and long-term goals and expectations for the new position. These goals can be monetary, sales-based, or personal. Goals can help your client understand what they want out of the position and out of their life, whether it is to settle comfortably into the position they’re in or eventually receive a new promotion.

Promotions are rewarding, exciting, and stressful. They can also come with big changes, new relationships, and more responsibilities. If you enjoy coaching people through promotions, you may be ideal for an executive coach. Executive coaching can provide a dramatic short-term impact for companies and help them manifest changes.