How to Design a GREAT Life Coaching Session

Life coaching is all about helping people, but there is more to it than simply listening to the client’s problems and sending them home. A life coach helps clients develop actionable plans for their problems and their goals. You are having trouble developing a plan for your sessions, Let’s talk about five steps to design the perfect life coaching session.

How to Design a GREAT Life Coaching Session

  1. Set the mood. First, it is important to Set the mood. To have a successful life coaching session, your client must be in the right frame of mind to be open and receptive focusing on their goals. A quick journalling session, breathing exercise, or meditation moments can help them get in the right frame of mind.
  2. Have an accountability recap. Next, you should inquire about your client’s week. Especially if you discussed making changes in their life, it is the time to see if they followed through. This also gives them a chance to reflect on their week and see what they want to focus the current session on.
  3. Pick goals for the current session. After the weekly recap, it is common to pick a goal for the current session. The goal can come from the weekly recap or from somewhere else. In this stage, it is important for the client to give a full scope of the situation at hand.
  4. Brainstorm strategies. In this stage of the life coaching session, you want the client to think of all possible solutions to their problem. This can be done as a writing exercise or as a conversation. You should also encourage the client to write down everything they think.
  5. Make and commit to a plan. Finally, it is time to commit to a plan. For example, if your client is trying to develop a better workout routine, this is the time for them to commit to next week’s plan. This step includes making actionable and tangible goals, such as journaling each day or marking information on a calendar

Whether you are interested in becoming a life coach or already working as one, certification is important. Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program is a six-month program that’ll take you through everything you need to know to become a successful life coach.