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What Does it Mean to Get Your Acc Credentials

If you love helping people make plans to reach their goals, then you may have considered becoming a life coach. While life coaches have been around for several decades, the industry is still unregulated. This means that there are no professional colleges or universities that can give a degree and this industry. However, there are still credentials you can get.

What does it mean to get your ACC Credentials

Even though the life coaching industry is unregulated, there are still credentials you can receive. The International Coaching Federation, or ICF, offers a credential called the Associate Certified Coach, or ACC. The ACC isn’t available for everyone, however. To be eligible for this credential, you must have over 60 hours of coaching education and over 100 hours of coaching experience. You must also have 10 hours of mentor coaching.

If you fit these requirements, you must take a performance evaluation and an ICF credentialing exam. If you pass both of these, then you will be an Associate Certified Coach. The best way to make sure you are prepared for the ACC credentials is to enroll in a training program that is already accredited by the ICF. These training programs, such as Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program, can make sure you are completely prepared for everything you will see on the ICF’s ACC credentials.

The hardest part about getting your ACC credentials may be getting your experience. You must have over 100 hours of coaching experience with more than eight clients. Twenty-five of those hours must have occurred within the 18 months before submitting your application. Additionally, at least 75 of your 100 hours must be paid. Yes, that means you will be working as a life coach before you receive your credentials.

If you are interested in taking a coaching program to hone your coaching skills and work towards ICF credentials, we have a course for you. Our course can prepare you for the credentialing exam, and we will help you develop your practice so you can get your 100 hours of experience as fast as possible.