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In addition to our programs for individuals who want to go out on their own as professional coach, we also have programs for companies. Explore how CTA can create customized workshops, provide basic training for front line managers, train internal coaches and prepare emerging leaders to meet the demands of the modern day workplace.

Discover how organizational coaching can contribute significantly to your corporate goals. When employees are coached internally – they thrive, find more satisfaction and are empowered to advance their knowledge, becoming more valuable to the organization.

Imagine what a coaching culture can bring to your organization.

Coach Training Alliance is a leading global coaching organization. Our International Coaching Federation certified programs, courses and workshops create positive change that delivers long-lasting impact.

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Corporate Coaching Programs


Benefits of Coaching


Challenges we helped Clients Overcome

Here are a few ways integrating coaching has helped our clients with: (click to expand)

[accordion openfirst=false][accordion-item title=”Millennial Development”]

Employees were not as far along in the learning and understanding as they needed to be. Integrating coaching helped develop leadership skills to bridge the gap, problem solve and work through blocks. Young employees feel comfortable scheduling sessions where problems can be shared and solved in a stress free setting. Morale has greatly improved because young staff understand there is a clear communication channel with every one of the staff members that completed the training.
Denver Boy Scouts.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Fast Growth/Merger”]

Our industry is growing very fast. We need our leadership team focused on strategy and managers who can step into the role of motivating team members and increasing revenue. Integrating coaching helped our leadership team leverage their strengths and prepare new managers to contribute in a meaningful way. Everyone stepped up more quickly to the new level of play. We have been able to respond to opportunities, create new revenue streams and grow our business.
Mortgage Services Company.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Industry Transition/Change”]

Our company shifted from pure manufacturing to supply chain virtually overnight. Integrating coaching helped us set our focus on common goals and operate as a united entity. The new leadership style helps identify real blocks that had prevented implementation and adoption of new behaviors. Coaching has helped us harvest ideas from lower levels of the organization. Employees feel valued and connected to the mission. Various business units now have a structure for dialogue and have found ways to leverage their strengths.
Manufacturing Company.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Emerging Leaders”]

Our high tech company relies on the knowledge, skills and capability of its people. Newly promoted leaders have had a difficult time transitioning into a management position. This training helped our emerging leaders think strategically and understand how to develop the capability of their team members. We now have a structure to hold productive and meaningful conversations with team members. We have honest conversations about real challenges which has allows us to navigate them more quickly.
Social Media Marketing firm.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Unsure of How to Coach”]

Most of us had not had any training on how to coach but we were being asked to do more coaching with our direct reports. A customized workshop helped us quickly step into our role as coach: how to coach, when to coach, when NOT to coach, and provided a simple structure for conversations with our team members. We are now more confident in ways we can engage employees differently.
FAA Managers Association.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Sales”]

Many of the advisory situations I engage in are not solely technical in nature. Often, my clients need help addressing their #1 priority. The Human Capital Coach training prepared me to facilitate that process with my clients. I now find myself collaborating with clients on a regular basis so that the advisory services I provide support their efforts to address their #1 priority. This partnership has greatly elevated the relationship we have on all matters both technical and advisory which has increased sales and engagement opportunities.
Accounting Firm.


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What They Say About The Program

Any of these grads are available to discuss their experience with CTA* – email for details.

The Human Capital Coaching course has given me a better understanding of organizational design and how to effectively implement change within an organization. I now have skills to be a valuable coach for my organization, while I develop and grow emerging leaders, identify gaps in talent, and recruit individuals to fill those gaps. – Denielle Williams


The Human Capital Coaching program has given me the framework to continue my work as an internal coach, with more clarity of the context that I’m working in, and the tools to be more effective to support my organizations objectives. – Cherri Watson


This program was amazing! It has given me so many tools to use in my work with my clients…I specifically appreciated learning to ask questions as a way to defuse conflict and confrontation. – Cynthia Ford


Human Capital Coaching has given me a whole new way of approaching people and an amazing way of motivating people, it unleashes the individuals full potential in creativity and problem solving. – Tobias Merk


Having a definitive program, language and setting to become a Coach has been very helpful. I took more away from this class than any other management tool. – Philana Miller


In Human Capital Coaching, I not only grew my coaching skill set significantly, but had hands on practice and enjoyed having the Human Capital Accelerator as a resource. I now know what the next steps are for making our organization even more of a coaching organization, as well as the next steps to continue growing my knowledge about coaching. Thank you for everything! – Theresa B.


The Human Capital Coach Program has helped me to envision the role of coaching within our organizational environment, and provided useful tools to move the process forward. – Andrea Burr


One of the most valuable takeaways from the Human Capital Coaching class is understanding the principles behind the coaching model, and how I can now empower the individuals I work with and help strengthen the organization as a whole. – Linda Mitchell


I have a better understanding of my team members’ personality styles and the value that they bring to my team and this organization. I have the tools to further develop each of my team members in ways that are both beneficial for them and the future of this organization. – Wes Glakas


Thanks to Bill and my fellow classmates for the opportunity to learn the coaching model. Understanding the steps and how to move in and out of each fluidly as I listen more and ask powerful questions will help me unleash my team’s potential. – Amy Friedman


While the course overall had great value for me, the concept of asking powerful questions resonated the most. I especially like the differentiation of asking questions I don’t already know the answer to. – Paul Harter


I’ve gained significant confidence, now having a method that will help in day to day communications with direct reports, peers and supervisor. Also added value to company “ROI” to assist others in their professional and personal development. – Gary Miller


The HCC class gave me the skills to be a better listener and not lead to solutions. The concept of building co-creative relationships has been so insightful and I have already applied these skills in work and my personal life. –Cindy Scott


As a newer manager, this course was immensely beneficial for me. It helped me adjust my own mindset from being a one man army, to thinking about what I can do to help foster growth in co-workers and direct reports. –David Carroll


Coaching is a great tool that will allow us “the organization” to grow and develop our team to meet it’s fullest potential. – Paul Vernon


Thank you CTA for this new set of development tools I can use when building and managing a team. It will collectively help to focus the organization on better communication and productivity from the top down to create a solid drive towards our common goals. – Bob Sickler


The listening skills I honed in the Human Capital Coaching class make me a better flight instructor.  Having become a better listener allows more effective learning for my students, by enabling me to better see where my student is coming from. – Jeff Orr


I’ve gained powerful co-creative leadership skills that will allow me to transform my management style away from directing my team members. This personal transformation coupled with organizational alignment will allow my focus for personal goals and team’s goals to align with the company’s strategic vision. – John H.


The program very successfully breaks down the human capital coaching process into the critical components and into the critical roles/responsibilities. By clearly identifying the organization, sponsor, client and coach and the responsibilities for each role we can truly affect change – in the clients, teams and the organization. – John Sweeney