Life Long Learning

Your coaching skills should be continually be refined.

Below are our resources for Life Long Learning!


Advanced trainings and more.


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Take your coaching practice to the next level.


Powerful readings and books.

Focus: Growing your network, getting hired, doing the work. 

Who should attend these classes? CCP graduates (or those who have completed an equivalent ICF credentialed coach training certification). Individuals new to Leadership Coaching and/or individuals who have done informal executive coaching and would like a structure to help them with their work.


For life coaches, lifelong training is a must. People grow and evolve, and your coaching skills should continually be refined. Not only can you hone your coaching skills by continuing to learn new techniques and taking part in advanced training, but you can also offer your clients a better experience as you get more comfortable with your skills.

Coaches looking to expand their niche can branch out to leadership coaching and executive coaching through our grad school coaching program. Graduates of our Certified Coach Program or those who have completed an equivalent ICF coach training program can take this higher education course.

We offer a variety of courses, from two-week workshops to advanced executive coach certifications. We even have an executive coach masterminds class.

If you are not interested in more courses, or you’ve already taken all of the courses available to you, then you can join the grad community on our Facebook. Our Facebook group community includes everyone who has taken our certification courses, and it is a place where working coaches can share tips, tricks, and experiences with other certified coaches.

We also have an “ask the coach” resource. If there is a question that hasn’t been answered in our programs or our community, you can ask a certified and experienced life coach directly. There is no question too silly or complicated that one of our professional coaches cannot answer.

Finally, we also have audio sessions that can help you take your coaching practice to the next level. These sessions are short reviews of our coaching programs and uncut coaching sessions recorded by our various certified coaches. These resources can give you a wealth of knowledge on how to further your coaching business.

What Other Grads are Saying…

Robert Leung, CTI

Your seminars are a clear, concise, enlightening, and motivating blend of science and humanity.

Rhonda Cimorelli

The CTA program is amazing. Very thorough utilizing Coach Training Accelerator audio program, small classes and a mentor coach. I particularly loved having Nan Einarson as my mentor coach. It’s been 3+ years and my “coach the coach” buddy and I still connect every week.

Betty Dangler

How our own stories shape and mold us is helping my clients create new stories.

Libby Stafford

I was so caught up in your presentation, I was not able to take notes.  I did not want to miss a word.  It is exceptionally helpful to have the replays available.

Kevin W. Daley

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminars and found your insight both motivational and stimulating.  The reference material and exercises are a fantastic resource.


Not Sure Which Niche to Focus on?

The possibilities are limitless. Coach Training Alliance can help you determine if coaching is right for you and what areas are best for you to focus on. View our suggested niches below and discover which one you want to focus on.