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Life Coaching Niches

What kind of change do you want to see in the world? The possibilities are limitless.

Click on a title/topic below to explore your world of life coaching niches.

Ready to learn about all your options when it comes to life coaching niches? You’ve come to the right place. Coach Training Alliance can help you determine if coaching is right for you and what areas are best for you to focus on.

Life Coaching

We all crave vibrant health, unique self-expression, meaningful work and fulfilling relationships. We long to play, love, relax, contribute and adventure. 

Business Coaching

Business coaches are people developers. They don’t tell their clients what to do, but instead they ask questions.  Business coaches unleash incumbent capability.

Executive Coaching

There is much confusion about what Executive Coaching is – and isn’t. Many consulting firms have simply gone through their marketing materials and changed the word “consulting” to “coaching.” 

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is a greatly debated and possibly marginally understood concept.

Are leaders made, or born?

Corporate Coaching

Does coaching really work in the corporate environment? A recent study in the Journal of Public Personnel Management found that training improved managerial productivity 22.4% while training plus coaching improved productivity 88%.

Mentor Coaching

Mentoring has been around for thousands of years. Mentor Coaching is the latest form of this powerful guidance system.

Success Coaching

History teaches us that the secret to success is a passion and purpose that transcends difficulty and obstacles. Stories give us mythical heroes that have painted vivid pictures of successful journeys that are fraught with purpose, obstacles and challenge.

Relationship Coaching

Life is all about relationships. Everything that we do as human beings revolves around our relationships with each other. And we want our relationships to be harmonious, balanced and fulfilling.

Spiritual Coaching

Webster’s dictionary defines spirit as “the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person.” It is the wisdom within each of us, beyond years and experience. 

Management Coaching

Today’s dynamic business environment demands organizations continually adapt to the changing landscape. “Growing risk requires a new breed of business.” 

Career Coaching

A career coach can help clients find the passion they have lost in their chosen careers or find the courage to move into a new career. 


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