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No other life coach training program prepares you for real-world coaching and ICF certification better than CTA’s Certified Coach Program.

When you begin our step-by-step process, there is no uncertainty when you will complete this remote-based program. Within just six months, you will become a Certified Coach with a growing practice.

Since 2000, over 15,000 coaches have graduated from CTA programs, consisting of 22+ ICF credentialed courses.

What sets us apart from other ICF-certified programs is that we not only provide a disciplined approach to coaching and self discovery, but also the marketing and business development skills to launch and grow a thriving coaching practice.

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Certification Overview

Our curriculum is a comprehensive modality of course work, hands-on coaching and group mentoring.

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You will begin with the Becoming a Coach orientation tele-class. In your first session, you will be introduced to what established coaches are doing with great success. Plus, you have those burning questions answered giving you clarity on what to expect during your training.

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Course Work

Upon registration you immediately receive your course materials, including the supplemental Coach Training Accelerator™, which is a completely self-contained coach training program we incorporate here as another facet of our unique learning system.

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Coach the Coach

Throughout the program you will coach, be coached, and observe coaching as it happens. Members of your mentoring group become your “community of practice.” This is where you learn by example and through the practical experience of watching and doing.

How to Become a Life Coach Online

Course Delivery

The Certified Coach Program is a combination of live teleconferencing, online media, and interactive software downloaded directly to your computer. Your experience includes Group Mentoring, Coach the Coach, Self Study, Observation & Critique.

Group Mentoring

The mentoring group consists of you, your Mentor Coach and your fellow classmates. Classes are held weekly via teleconference over dedicated, private bridgelines. These instructor led sessions target specific coaching tools, techniques and models.

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Virtual Classroom

The mentoring group consists of you, your Mentor Coach and your fellow classmates. Classes are held weekly via teleconference over dedicated, private bridgelines. These instructor led sessions target specific coaching tools, techniques and models.

Complimentary Becoming a Coach Workshop

Discover what it really takes to become a successful coach and what you can expect of the coaching lifestyle. As you participate in this free workshop, you’ll uncover the answers to your burning questions.

Hear straight talk on the challenges new coaches face.

Discover what clients want most and how to fill this need immediately.

Participate in a live coaching session guided by an experienced Mentor Coach.

What to Expect

Remotely earn your certification with 60 ICF-accredited hours in just 22 weeks.

Class Size

Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 participants. Research has found, and our experience confirms, that 10-15 students is ideal. Less than ten lowers the synergy and the group learning dynamic. More than fifteen crowds the opportunities for participation and meaningful involvement.

Course Length

Condensed to 6 months (22 weeks with time off for holidays, etc.), there’s no guessing when you will finish this program. There’s no waiting for classes to open up and no delays in meeting graduation requirements. A typical week consists of 60-90 minutes of tele-sessions per week and a total of 30 in-class program hours. Self-study and homework consists of 2 to 5 hours per week.

Program Specifics

Learning flourishes in real-world contexts that are out-of-the-box

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Learning Model

Coach Training Alliance utilizes the LearnMore System which enables you to fully experience your knowledge. It is an opportunity to know experientially what you already know conceptually. The system incorporates the Four Pillars of Wisdom™ approach and the Circle of Learning™ methodology. We firmly believe learning does not take place in a box called a classroom or in a hotel conference room.

We learn more, we learn better, and we learn faster by doing and by being actively involved.


Course Outline: High Level Overview

There are five major course sections on the path to becoming a CTA Certified Life Coach:

  1. Coaching From Center
  2. Impeccable Business Sense
  3. Effective Coaching Tools
  4. Becoming a Client Magnet
  5. Masterful Coaching Sessions

Each section is broken up into four weekly lessons, covering several key points. Click here for the full course syllabus outlining what you can expect in each lesson of your training.

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Additional Course Media

Your course text and media for the Certified Coach Program are unparalleled in the industry. As an added bonus to complement and accelerate this training, you will receive the newly revised and expanded edition of the Coach Training Accelerator™an online, self-paced course designed so that you can earn while you learn, grow professionally as a coach and create a successful coaching practice.

Valued at $600 if purchased separately, this best-selling multimedia program includes 346 pages of online training materials and coaching resources. There are also more than 8 hours of audio tutorials, as well as 5 full-length, true-to-life coaching sessions with five coaches, real clients and tough topics.


Save thousands with CTA’s affordable ICF-accredited certification online.

Investing in Your Future

The program investment of $3,897 tuition includes everything you need to graduate and become a certified coach.

A far cry from other certifications averaging over $14,000, the CTA Certified Coach Program is designed to help you launch your coaching practice with paying clients, while also putting you on the path for ICF accreditation.

Finding the balance between costly certifications that engender a lack of confidence in launching a thriving practice before you spend x amount of dollars – and on the other end of the spectrum – programs that offer amazing deals in the guise of rushed and lackluster training, the CCP gets you professional, certified training accredited by the ICF in just 22 weeks.

The course fee is payable in full or in three, seven or nine parts, with financing available. The first payment is processed upon enrolling, and the remaining payment(s) processed every 30 days thereafter.

Upon registering, you may cancel and receive a full refund if your request is received at least 14 days before the course begins. No refunds are made after class begins.


Upon graduation, you will receive a hardcopy Graduate Certificate and your official CTA Certified Coach insignia for use on your website, emails, business cards and other marketing collateral.

You will also gain free access to the Coach Training Alliance Coaches and Mentors Certified Life Coach Directory so you can list your practice and start promoting and growing your coaching business right away.

All graduates receive lifetime access to our Grad Resources Center for ongoing training opportunities and to stay up-to-date with the latest in coaching practicalities.

While many of our graduates are content with having ICF approved training as part of the Certified Coach Program, an ICF Associate Accreditation is just around the corner.

Client Testimonials

Thousands of working coaches are happy to call CTA home.

“The materials are extremely comprehensive. I have talked with other coaches who are going through other programs and they are amazed at the fact that I already have a business plan, I’m working on a website and I’m already coaching clients.”
Stacye York - Sand Spring, OK

“Overall this course really has everything I was looking for. It is a good blend of handling the business and marketing aspects of coaching along with developing the right skills and tools. Of all the classes and investigation I did this course always came right back on top. “

Loree M. Paulson Lisle, IL

“The ‘coach the coach’ sessions and the feedback from those are the heart of the program. Coaching live is where the learning is for me. It builds my confidence and believability.”

Mary Alyce Owens Denver CO

“It’s liberating to know I can apply the principles learned without giving up my own creative approach in the process.”

Blanca Stephens - South Huntington, NY

“Knowing I have to face the group each week keeps me motivated to stay on top of assignments and make sure I am prepared. I so look forward to each week’s class because it is a solid hour of positive thinking and feedback.”

Lisa Aker New Milford, CT

“This is a fantastic program. You guys have all the bases covered. I loved that this program covered everything from learning how to coach to starting your own business and everything in between. No other course that I researched offered all of this.”

Brenda Louis Kitchener, Ontario

Current Classes

Enroll today with our wold-class coaches.

Spring Has Sprung! Enroll in any June class and use the code SPRINGSAVINGS to unlock $700 off your tuition!

Rebecca Brown

Certified Coach
and CTA Mentor Coach

Wed June 12 @ 7:00 pm

Cody Williams

Certified Coach
and CTA Mentor Coach

Wed June 19 @ 10:00 am

Carrie Martello

Certified Coach
and CTA Mentor Coach

Wed July 10 @ 9:00 pm

Self Study

Each week you encounter Action Challenges that move you forward, just when you need them. Our dedication to providing the best of coach training has enabled us to develop “just-in-time” learning models specifically designed for new coaches.

“The part of the course I like the best and that is helping me build my practice the most, so far, is the course software. It is very well done and useful. I like the examples, resources, sample brochures, etc.”

Gail Mason Marietta, GA

Observation and Critique

You hear feedback and recommendations from the Mentor Coach throughout the program. After you complete your certification requirements, at the finish of your training, you receive an honest, formal critique.

“I expected support and encouragement, but not at this high level. It has been very rewarding.”

Ann Backes Grand Rapids MI


Earn credibility when you train with an internationally-recognized school like CTA

The Certified Coach Program is certified as 60 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The full program spans 75 hours of total training which includes the business and marketing components of a successful practice. All training requirements for ICF ACC and PCC certification pathways are provided by Coach Training Alliance.

>> Click Here to learn more about the ICF Pathway with Coach Training Alliance.

The Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) designation is awarded to programs that meet professional standards for coach training programs established by the ICF. Graduation from an ACSTH program will meet the ICF’s requirements for individual coach certification for student contact learning hours for the number of hours of the program. ACSTH approval does not warrant or guarantee the effectiveness of the training or the student’s ability to build a successful coaching practice. The individual applicant must take the ICF’s portfolio exam to obtain their credentials – the process of which CTA will guide interested graduates.

Code of Ethics

The International Coach Federation and Coach Training Alliance adhere to a form of coaching that honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work, believes that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. Standing on this foundation, the coach’s responsibility is to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client self-discovery
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold the client responsible and accountable

View the full ICF Code of Ethics here.

Graduation Requirements

  • Attendance in the Becoming a Coach orientation sessions
  • Active participation in at least 10 of 12 Group Mentoring sessions
  • Satisfactory participation in at least 8 of 10 Coach the Coach sessions
  • Reading and implementation of the Coach Training Accelerator™ text as assigned in the Syllabus
  • Completion of at least 80% of the assignments listed in the Syllabus
  • Completion of a minimum of 20 sample sessions
  • Passing the Written Exam and Final Critique Coaching a minimum of two full fee clients

ICF Approved Coach Training

In the USA, all expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5). Please contact your tax consultant for further information. Coach Training Alliance is a professional skills training organization.