This is Possible

Where will you be in 2020? This is a question for you to answer as well as one to put before your clients. Chances are you’ve already dropped into Possibility Thinking. This is good.

One of the distinct gifts of being human is our ability to create our own destiny. Isn’t it surprising how many people never accept this gift or just give it away, making someone else responsible for it?

Think about what can be done in five years. Better yet, think about where you were and what you were doing in 2009. This is always fun. Look at what has changed since then. Most likely, a lot. Were you even aware, for example, the profession of coaching existed?


What are you thinking about doing right now that might take some time to come to fruition? Are you working on a degree or certification? Are you considering taking a course that would improve your coaching practice but would require time to complete?

Here’s the bottom line. The future is coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Your goals may take some work. Worthy goals usually do. You can either take action now; accomplish these goals and enjoy the rewards -or- you can still be putting them off, five years from now, because they take too long to achieve.

You get to decide — right now — where you want to be. Dream of the possibilities. Set the intention. If you could have it anyway you wanted, what would it be? What would it sound like, smell like, look like and feel like? Listen to your intuition. Breath it in. Envision your future. Embrace the moment.

Now, go out and make it happen. Make it happen for your family, make it happen for your clients, and –most of all– make it happen for you. It’s your destiny. Create it and it will come.

Will Craig is the Founder of Coach Training Alliance and holds a Masters Degree in Education and Human Development. He is co-author of the #1 best-selling coaching home study course – the Coach Training Accelerator.