Unique Ways to Help Your Life Coach Clients

One of the most rewarding things about becoming a life coach is that learning is never over. Whether you have been a life coach for two decades or two months, there is always something new to learn.

Here are three unique ways you can help your coaching clients.

THREE Unique ways to help your life coach clients

  1. Have firm boundaries. The first step to offering the best to your clients is to know your boundaries. If you stretch yourself too thin, you are doing no one a favor, especially not your clients. It’s important to set the ground rules for your coaching practice as soon as possible, so you already know how to deal with potentially difficult clients. You also should decide how much you will allow clients to contact you in between sessions. There’s nothing wrong with answering a few calls or emails, but you can quickly end up offering too much for free.
  2. Take time to yourself. Next, while it is tempting to work all the time, it is imperative that you take time to yourself. Working all the time may make you more money, but it may come at the cost of your patience and ability to continuously give your clients what they need. You do not have to take a weeklong vacation if you do not want to. A weekend off once a month and be the perfect way to rejuvenate you, so you’re ready and refreshed.
  3. Get comfortable with silence. Finally, The most important and often underrated skill is learning when to speak and when not to speak. Sometimes it is necessary to stop talking, stay quiet, and let a comfortable silence create a space for your clients to be open. If your client does not say anything after a silence, you can prompt them to continue, but it is still important to accept that silences may happen.

Honing your life coaching skills is an ongoing and continuous practice. One way to ensure that you are giving your clients the best you have to offer is to invest in a certified coaching program. A certified coaching program can give you all the tools you need to assist your clients and develop a thriving practice at the same time.



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