Enroll More Coaching Clients From Your Website


Enroll More Coaching Clients From Your Website

Is your website enrolling new coaching clients for you? Is it also creating a community of future clients? Does it quickly inspire people to share your site?

If not, your site might be a dud — a website that just sits there taking up cyberspace. Here’s how to make your website WORK for you:

4 Secrets of a Client Winning Website

As you read through these, rate your own website on a scale of 1 -5 with 5 being the best it can be.

1. Be sure every word and image is tailor made for your target audience
The #1 mistake coaches make on their websites is they make it all about coaching. Unless your clients want to become a coach themselves, they will bounce off a site like that in seconds.

Instead, speak to the heart of the specific people you serve. Show them you understand them — the specific tangible and emotional things they want and what’s holding them back. Show them that you have a system to help them get there. This requires that you’ve chosen and researched a viable coaching niche. Test your coaching niche here.

How would you rate your site on this point? Is it crystal clear WHO your site is for and how you help them get exactly what they want? What can you do right now to make your site more relevant to your target audience?


2. Giveaway a highly desirable and immediately downloadable gift.
Most freebies on coaching websites are unoriginal and created for general audiences. The result is your list grows slowly and web visitors leave uninspired.

Does your opt-in stand out visually in the top 5 inches of the home page?
Is your freebie literally irresistible to your target audience?
Is it something they can’t get anywhere else?
Does it make it crystal clear why they should listen to you and take the next step?

Your freebie should be so attractive to a unique group of people that, not only do they download it but they also consume it immediately. It intrigues them. They want more. Then you offer them the next step with you.

How did you do on this one? Is your freebie unique, irresistible and highly valuable? It might be time for a freebie upgrade. Zone in on a specific problem your target audience faces and help them transform while inspiring them to enroll with you. Consider investing in expert help with the content and layout.


3. Make sure your website is easy to experience.
Think about how quickly you bounce off a website that’s confusing or overwhelming. You want your visitors to stick. Streamline the content and page choices. Express the most important things and move them on through a conversion process you’ve thought through.

How does your site rate? Is it an easily navigable and valuable experience start to finish? Simplifying a site starts with making choices about what’s most important and leaving off the rest. Say more with less words.


4. Ask them to engage with you.
It’s tempting to soft-pedal this part or bury it in a long paragraph. If you don’t clearly ask them to take a next step with you, they won’t!

Could you improve the way you call them in? Are you building a clear case for why they would want to work with you? Have you made it super easy to take action? If you want them to sign up for a discovery session or consult, have a easy sign up such as a TimeTrade link to your calendar.

It’s a joy when your website is truly worth the time, money and effort you put into it. Imagine having a flow of new clients that find and engage with you through your website.

Author: Rhonda Hess co-authored the Coach Training AcceleratorTM and designed the CTA Certified Coach Program. She has a super power for helping coaches choose and champion a profitable niche they’ll love. Learn more at Prosperous Coach.