What is the International Coach Federation?

If you love working with people and you want to work with the public, you may have considered being a life coach. Being a life coach is different from being a therapist because, unlike the latter, there is no regulation in the life coaching industry. This means we have to regulate ourselves. That is why the International Coaching Federation is so important.

What is the International Coach Federation

The International Coach Federation, or ICF, was founded in 1995 to start giving credibility to the coaching industry. Now, this organization is the largest organization for professionally trained coaches, and it is a leading voice in the community.

There are many parts of the ICF. The ICF started as a membership organization for trained professional coaches, but it has since branched out to be so much more. There is now a credentials and standards component that focuses on the credentials of individual coaches. There is a coaching education department that is all about managing and approving coaching education providers.

The ICF even has a nonprofit section of its ecosystem and an organization devoted to working with businesses that hire coaches on their teams. Finally, the final part of the ecosystem is the Thought Leadership Institute. This is the part of the organization that works towards a better future of coaching.

The International Coaching Federation is an organization that has devoted itself to providing the best education and community to the life coaching industry. If you are looking to get into the life coaching field, you will work closely with the ICF and institutions that have been approved by them. If you are looking for a life coaching course that prepares you for being ICF accredited, Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program does just that. In only six months, you can be on your way to having a thriving practice and preparing to become an Associate Certified Coach.