10 Trends That Will Redefine Coaching in 2019 – ReBlog

It’s time to buckle up and get ready for some major transformations in the coaching space

Looking to implement the latest coaching trends for 2019? In our technology-driven world, the demand for skilled coaches is greater than ever before.

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Inc.com recently published an article entitled, “Science Says 92 Percent of People Don’t Achieve Their Goals. Here’s How the Other 8 Percent Do.” Within the article, Inc.com cited a University of Scranton study which found that only 8% of people accomplish their goals.

Because the achievement of goals is the foundation to a fulfilled life, that statistic proves there are many disappointed people and businesses out there. Yes, there are a small group of individuals accomplishing their goals. However, far more are living out “quiet lives of desperation”.

There are many obstacles facing technology overloaded goal seekers today. Things are increasingly complex and require expert solutions. But not all coaches will be ready to solve the unique problems their clients will face in 2019.

Are you an executive, spiritual, fitness or life coach? Regardless of the type of coach you are, here are ten coaching trends to be aware of in 2019 so you can continually stay relevant.

Technology Will Continue to Replace Location

It wasn’t too long ago that location was everything when it came to coaching. Location-based coaching will continue to become obsolete in 2019.

Coaches and clients will advance the trend of being okay with long-distance coaching. It won’t matter where the coach or client is living. In some cases, it could be years before a face-to-face encounter ever happens. Even so, the impact coaches have on their clients will be real and powerful.

Seeking to Be as Human as Possible

With the digitalization of coaching, things are both easier and more complex now. The coaches who’ll thrive in 2019 will be those who, despite lacking face-to-face encounters, provide “the human touch” for their clients.

This will include as many communication forms as possible to provide well-rounded interactions. Coaches who find cutting-edge ways to make interactions feel as face-to-face as possible will find unique success.

Proof of Coaching Results

Due to the complexity of coaching in 2019, clients will want to see the measurable results coaches have already achieved. As already shared, the added challenges of technology require more than the simplicity of traditional coaching methods.

Clients are looking for coaches with a proven track record of delivering results. Because the bar is higher now, there will be a greater disparity among coaches skilled at delivering results and those who are not. Being a part of a coaching membership site will help you display your wins in a way that will convert clients.

Greater Accountability in the Coaching World

With the rise of technology and the Internet, it became easy for anyone to simply call themselves a coach. The challenge for those seeking a coach, however, is that it’s become more difficult to determine if prospective coaches are truly qualified.

Expect more concrete licensing and qualifications for coaches in the future. We’re reaching a point where clients need to see qualifications in a coach to feel confident in their investment. Coaching membership sites are a great way for coaches to stay current with regulations to put their best foot forward.

Increased Rates for Qualified Coaches

Already, you’ve noticed a theme in this article and it boils down to higher standards for coaches in 2019. Coaches will need to:

  • Solve more difficult problems than in the past
  • Have an increased understanding of technology
  • Be able to prove past successes before landing new clients
  • Have a strong web presence
  • Be highly competitive
  • Adhere to industry and governmental regulations
  • Use more complex automation to complete administrative tasks

It stands to reason that fewer coaches will successfully make these adjustments. But for the truly persistent, these higher standards will allow coaches to demand higher rates. The need for the few who can provide unique solutions will increase coaching wages for the truly skilled.

Greater Focus on Positive Psychology

As the understanding of positive psychology continues to advance, coaches will increasingly draw from this wisdom when helping their clients with mental roadblocks.

Coaches will be able to show their clients that their biggest enemy is often themselves.

Negative or self-defeating internal dialogues will be evaluated by coach and client alike. That negative dialogue will be replaced with positive self-talk. And once the positive self-talk is in place, many roadblocks previously thought insurmountable by coaching clients will begin to crumble.

The Demand for Coaching Will Increase

Because today’s coaches will be tackling more difficult problems, many more businesses and individuals will need help. They’ll recognize how unprepared they are to solve those challenges on their own and will look for assistance.

In 2019 and further on, coaching will be seen less and less as a luxury. Instead, it will be an understood necessity for success. It will no longer be only perceived elites who utilize the benefits of coaching. A membership to a coaching site will help you find the growing number clients that best suit your expertise.

Specialized or Niche Coaching Will Increase

It’s becoming significantly more difficult to remain an expert in multiple industries. The greater complexity of problems industries and individuals face will develop the need for specialized or niche coaches.

More than ever before, coaches who brand themselves as generalists won’t be taken as seriously. In addition, they won’t be able to command high rates like specialized coaches will. Coaching experts will need to stay specialized to keep up with all the latest trends.

Greater Need for Automation and Delegation

Because of the increased need for expert advice, coaches simply won’t be able to do it all. Trends in 2019 will continue towards the automation of administrative tasks through software and other advances.

Also, coaches will need to delegate or outsource work to freelancers. That may mean help with videography, ghostwriting books or web content. Today’s coaches will need to make sure they’re not spread too thin because of the increased expectations they face.

If you’re struggling to know how to best use technology for administrative purposes or who to hire, a coaching membership site will help you sort that out.

More Relationship-Driven

Gone are the days of sterile coaching relationships. Expect coaching in 2019 to continue the trend toward building authentic, meaningful relationships. This bond is necessary to tackle personal and psychological roadblocks.

There’ll be a need for vulnerability on the part of both client and coach. The more difficult problems faced in 2019 will require the shift to ensure success. Also, with more at stake in the event of failure, a greater level of trust will need to be built.

While coaching in 2019 will be more challenging, there are greater potential rewards for coaches who are prepared for the latest trends.

This blog is a re-post from http://membershipfix.com/coaching-trends/

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