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Connecting with Like Minded People who Make a Difference

Did you know that it is impossible to achieve significance alone? The “Law of Significance” states that one person is too small a number to achieve any type of greatness.

For those who do try to make a difference and achieve significance on their own, are fooling themselves. Why? A big ego, their own level of insecurity, their temperament, or even their naiveté.

Simply put, we all need other people to make a difference and achieve significance.

In order to go from “me” to “we”, a shift in thinking must occur. Throughout human history there inevitably comes a moment when leaders must step forward to meet the needs of that moment in time.

There are 9 factors which attract people of significance to one another.

1. Opportunity – significance acts almost always in a response to opportunities.
Ask this question: “What opportunity do you see right now to make a difference?”

2. Belief – Believe and ask for others to be placed in your path who desire what you do.
Ask this question: “Do you believe people are coming to you to help you make a difference?’

3. Possibility – possibilities involve sacrifice of something, in order to achieve something else.
Ask this question: ”What are you willing to give up to make a difference?”

4. Faith – Fear is the most prevalent reason why people stop. Faith is what makes people start.
Ask this question: “Is my faith bigger than my fear?”

5. Challenge – There are no really “great people”, what there are, are people who are willing to tackle the challenge before them.
Ask this question:”Are you challenged to stretch to significance?”

6. Attitude – Our attitude must be one of not losing hope in order to achieve significance.
Ask this question: “Is you attitude an asset or a liability?”

7. Winning – Starts with putting on shoes which are too big for you and as you take one step at a time, you grow into those shoes, and before long you and your team will be winners.
Ask this question: “Are you connecting with winners to achieve significance?”

8. Promise – You have heard the saying that: “…if you dream it, you can achieve it…?” This is not entirely true. A dream requires a partner; called: commitment.
Ask this question: “Have you committed to a path with great promise for you and for others?”

9. Invitation – Who you connect with matters in getting to the goal, the dream which brings significance. So you might say it is “Who Luck”. Who are you going to invite to your team.
Ask this question: “Are you ready to start inviting others to join you in living a life that matters?”


Reprinted from Janice Bastani’s Coaching Blog –

Author: Janice Bastani is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and holds multiple certifications in the coaching sector.