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Can a Person of Faith…

…Assimilate Law of Attraction Principles with Personal Religious Beliefs?

by Nan Einarson

Universal Law of Attraction is a proven scientific principle: Thoughts have energies – positive and negative thoughts have different energy waves. Because “like attracts like”, positive thoughts attract positives and negatives, negatives, whether or not those thoughts are expressed aloud.

Law of Attraction practitioners (often, more spiritual than religious) believe, “What you think about you bring about, what you focus on you expand and manifest”. They speak of “Universe”. When the Law works, believers say it’s because they applied the Law of Attraction successfully, with a positive focus on achieving their goal (Universe is abundant).

People of religious faith speak their name for the Deity of their beliefs. People send up prayers asking for what they want/need. When a prayer works, believers say Deity answered their prayers (Deity is generous).

When things don’t manifest as planned, one believer could attribute it to subconscious sabotage and improper application of LOA, accept their failure to work the Law properly, and give up. Another could attribute it to Deity’s plans or will, accept Deity’s plan as the final verdict, and release the dream. In both cases, that acceptance, without challenge, keeps them comfortable, and keeps them stuck.

In either situation, each believer has choices. One could interpret unexpected results as lessons, as a necessary part of the process, and continue to persevere, through positivity and focus. The other could continue to pray to Deity about next steps, and continue to persevere, through prayer and focus.

The greatest contribution to enhanced quality of life comes from a positive internal attitude – being open to outcome, gratefully accepting outcomes different from expectations (treating them as opportunities for exploration, learning and growth). And, by always believing – always knowing those dreams will be fulfilled.

Author – Nan Einarson is a Mentor Coach and Trainer for CTA’s Certified Coach Program. She is an experienced veteran of coaching and author of the Do It Yourself Relationship Repair Guide.