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Target Marketing for Life Coaching Niches

by Nan Einarson

Coach Training Alliance teaches Coaches to define niche markets (“Who” and “What”) as specialties, based on personal experience, knowledge, and passion, and to develop leveraged, targeted, life coach marketing plans (Client Attraction Plans) containing messages that niches will find meaningful and hopeful.

Choosing life coaching niches and creating HUB statements are MARKETING STRATEGIES!  Niche-focused/targeted life coach marketing techniques are the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to get a coaching message in front of a group of potential clients and referral sources, and to establish visibility and credibility.

CTA’s Certified Coaches’ Training Program (CCP) prepares them to coach anyone about anything, masterfully. Regardless of the targeted marketing message that originally attracted them to your business, once someone initiates action steps towards change, he/she triggers a domino effect, spilling change into all areas of his/her life. Eg – career changes impact on: finances (short & long-term); relationships (spouse, family, colleagues, friendships); health (emotional, mental, physical); recreation/hobbies; religion/spirituality; personal values, etc. Therefore, clarifying the take-away in each coaching session is critical. Clients often experience life challenges that are not niche-topic related. Coaches help people holistically, not in isolated areas only.

Most CTA CCP students have several areas of passion or expertise (multiple niche markets) with whom they could work. I invite them to prioritize those niches and choose one, for the sake of consistency throughout the course, and to create an appropriate, successful, life coach marketing plan. Consequently, they develop a targeted marketing blueprint system, which they can later adapt to target market every potential future niche. Many experienced coaches have multiple coaching niches.

Life Coaching Niches and Target Marketing are co-creative, symbiotic strategies, and are not mutually exclusive. Neither will succeed without the other. Just as coaches and clients work together to enhance clients’ quality of life, so do coaching niches and target marketing combine to enhance coaches’ business successes.

Nan Einarson is a Mentor Coach and Trainer for CTA’s Certified Coach Program. She is an experienced veteran of coaching and author of the Do It Yourself Relationship Repair Guide.