Gratitude: Rooting Present

by Chris Osborn

I have been thrilled to see this month the gratitude movement finding voice in social media and across communities. As coaches, we know firsthand both the power and the motivation that can be found in the marriage of acceptance and gratitude.

Gratitude roots “present”. As coaches, we ask both our clients and ourselves to stay present to allow for the balanced place from which to grow. We often spend significant time both explaining and distinguishing our work from that of therapy – a practice focused on healing and exploring the past. Coaches often rightly ask, “How can a client properly explore where to grow if they don’t know where they have been?” The simplest answer is gratitude. Gratitude can be foundational in providing the healthy acceptance of what is past. It roots both what is present today and what can grow into the future.

We should not be surprised that the fall presents a time of thanksgiving. Humans have incorporated this into spiritual practices for thousands of years. Today, neuroscience is catching up. We now know that gratitude fuels and then patterns the areas of the brain that create positive emotion, minimize stress and expand perspective. Listing, disciplined acknowledgement verbally and meditation are all tools coaches may use to co-create and root the foundation of gratitude. It is upon this foundation that the client can stretch their growth, expand their lives and try new avenues of living. Gratitude during this time of expansion aids in keeping the client grounded to not only the present but to themselves.

Thank you for what you do, your desire to do, and being a part of this community.

The struggle ends when the gratitude begins. ~ Neale Donald Walsch

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