How to be sure your clients come back for more

What’s better than a new client? A repeat client.

It may seem strange to look at it this way… whereas new clients come at a cost, including the time and energy it takes to market and set them up, repeat clients are cost-free. You’ve already built rapport and results. You already know their strengths and opportunities.

I’m lucky that most of my clients come back repeatedly for more support and I’ve designed my business to make it an easy choice for them.

Are you doing all you can to bring your clients back to you for more? Simple Steps = More Repeat Clients

1. Make it a part of your business model.

Design a natural flow with all your programs that drives clients to your next step. Create a funnel or pyramid of programs where the first one builds to the next.

It begins with listening to what people in your niche market specifically want (not what you think they need). You’re looking for program topics and titles that:

  • Provide relief from one specific acute pain or challenge.
  • Help them correct specific mistakes.
  • Fill the holes in their knowledge or understanding.
  • Give specific guidance to achieve their ultimate desired outcome.

Convert your “insider” understanding about your target audience into valuable freebies and for-fee programs. Your funnel of offers will inspire and motivate your prospects to invest in themselves repeatedly. You provide easy-to-climb steps to the outcomes they most want.

Every step in the chain of offers is related, while increasing their investment and the value you deliver. Then it’s easy for you to “seed” the idea of their return before your clients are finished with their current program.


2. Put the spotlight on them

Everything you create for your business should be tailored for your target audience. Everything!

I see a lot of websites that are all about the coach or expert. The language is general and vague. The offers are basic and could be found on any coach’s website. It’s an online brochure and nothing more.

That kind of website does little to help you get and keep ideal clients.  But when your tribe feels at home and understood by you, they’ll bookmark your website as a resource. They’ll keep tabs on what you’re offering for them next.

Take an objective look at your website today:

Is it a home for your target audience?

Are you speaking their language and offering specific solutions they know they want?


3. Check in

Many entrepreneurs are shy about this, but simply asking clients to return is the easiest way to get them back.

Your call may come at the perfect time and they’ll be thrilled to hear from you! At the very least, you’ll show once again that you are truly interested in them. And, you’re likely to enroll a repeat client with a simple check-in phone call.

  1. Check in about something specific that you worked on together before. Where are they on that now?
  2. What do they want most for the near future? That gap is your next step together.
  3. Have a program or coaching package at the ready. Don’t forget to pay yourself well.

Call rather than email. The high touch approach will mean the most to them.

What can you do today to bring past clients back into the fold? How can you improve your business model, website or offers to speak directly to what your target audience wants most?

Rhonda Hess co-authored the Coach Training AcceleratorTM and designed the CTA Certified Coach Program. She has a super power for helping coaches choose and champion a profitable niche they’ll love. Learn more at Prosperous Coach.