This Year’s Challenges are Next Year’s Wins

by Rhonda Hess

“Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.”
– Malcolm S. Forbes

The close of the year is a good time to acknowledge your wins and mine the gold from your setbacks.

Start by recognizing what worked well in your coaching business. What new skills did you apply? How did your practice grow? Measure in percentages to see the impact. If you started with one client and went to four, you’ve had a 300% increase in the size of your practice! Whatever you accomplished is worth celebrating.

How’s That Working for You?

Now, what didn’t work for you? What got in the way of the results you wanted? What will you do differently next time? You know exactly what held you back. And that is a powerful piece of information you can leverage into greater success next year.

There are shortcuts to making it big in coaching on your own terms. Would you like to know them? Start by answering one question, and then we’ll talk about turning any of your “defeats” into victory in 2014.

What is the single greatest thing that held me back from having a prosperous coaching business this year?

Rhonda Hess is a Mentor Coach with Coach Training Alliance and founder of Prosperous Coach. She is also co-author of the #1 best-selling Coach Training Accelerator.