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Root Down to Grow Tall

AR-131039983by Chris Osborn

A tree’s great balance in its growth is that between its roots and its expanding branches. As seasonal growth comes and goes, the underlying balance between that which foundationally holds it sound and that which feeds it whole carry on their dance. The tree offers a great organic example of the balance between “being” and “doing.” The branches and the glory of the leaves are the doing of our life – the evident growth, the colors, the sounds and even the smells of seasonal expansion and retrenchment. The roots are the being. Grounded in our experience and foundationally wrought from the seed, that is our being. In the healthiest of sense, roots and branches have a dependent relationship. This is no different for the client. In order to grow tall over the long term in a place of health, they must root down. This is the essence of balancing doing with being.

There are likely many analogies that a coach can use to make space for greater understanding by the client of balancing being and doing. First and foremost is to model it in their own practice – the living analogy that the client experiences in co-creative work. So ask yourself coach, are you rooting down to grow tall?

Chris Osborn is the President of Coach Training Alliance. His lifelong learning includes experience as CEO of a large financial services company and founder of several growth oriented service companies.