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What’s Your Game Plan?

willby Will Craig

As coaches, we spend the majority of our time helping others achieve their goals and dreams. We help clients come up with a game plan that is realistic, challenging, and workable. What about your game plan?

What is your vision for 2014? What resources are available to you to meet those goals? What steps will you take to be certain you are in the position to help others?

It’s Your Turn

It can be difficult sometimes to put our needs above others. After all, that’s our calling, isn’t it… to serve our clients? NEWS FLASH: It’s your turn!

No, not later… now!

We do our best serving others when our own needs and desires are satisfied. Over the next few days, schedule some quiet time with yourself to really determine what’s best for you. How will you maximize the talents you have in order to share those gifts with others?

For your coaching practice, consider implementing these three strategies (and others you come up with) to put you in a place of comfort, confidence, and certainty:

Game Plan Strategies

Raise your coaching fees and place potential new clients on a waiting list because your practice is full.

Accelerate the speed of your development as a coach by learning advanced techniques and strategies.

Throw a celebration party because you’ve earned your Certified Coach designation.

Will Craig is the Founder of Coach Training Alliance and is the past president of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Denver chapter.